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Early foundation of our party organization
Our party organization was founded as early as 2001 which was upgraded into Party Committee in 2010. Currently we have three Party branches and more than 80 party members. In April 2012, our Party Committed made adjustment, including making the general manager serve as the secretary of the Party Committee, selection of one full-time vice secretary, and bringing various management officers in key departments into our party organization, all of which have strengthened the cohesive force and fighting capacity of our party organization.

Party members constitute a large proportion of the management layer in the Group
Among all 14 senior management executives, nine of which are party members, with a percentage of 65%.

Our party construction has won various awards, including Top 100 Party Construction Demonstration Enterprises in promoting harmonious labor relationship in Zhejiang Province, Home for Model Worker in Zhejiang Province, Enterprise with outstanding development and party construction in Wenzhou City, and Dynamic and Harmonious Enterprise in Wenzhou City.