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The Company provides highly competitive and attractive remuneration.
Welfare and Benefits

Social benefits-Provision of social insurance for employees.

Performance incentives-Carry out performance rating and offer performance bonus each month.

Promotion by training-Relying upon the internal training platform, the Company provides learning and self-promotion opportunities for all employees.

Accommodation-Provision of free and comfortable accommodation.

Food allowance-All employees will enjoy food allowance with varied amount.

Seniority allowance-All employees shall have corresponding seniority pay.

Paid leave-Varied paid leaves are provided according to seniority.

Travel and expansion-Travel and expansion opportunities are provided for employees.

Charitable relief-The Company provides relevant charitable relives for employees who are suffering their or domestic difficulties.

Holiday gifts-Holiday gifts are provided for Mid-autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other festivals and holidays.

Birthday party-The Company will organize and attend employees’ birthday parties and celebrations.

Health management-Clinic has been established in the Company to provide regular health inquiries, health consultations and other services.

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